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Relationship Counselling at Working Relationships:

Relationship counselling is a form of psychological therapy used to treat relationship distress for both individuals and couples.

One of the most valuable things we hold are our relationships with others. Successful, healthy relationships are essential for fulfilling stress free lives.

Good relationships are ones that nurture trust and commitment with respect for self and partner.

A good working relationship allows you to grow individually whilst also growing together, making the relationship stronger.

All relationships go through difficult times, its how you handle times like these that can make the difference between staying together or splitting up.

Relationship counselling  can be a source of help when facing problems such as ;
Affairs, divorce, separation, poor communication, lack of intimacy, conflict and feelings of frustration. It can also be used to make a good relationship even better through developing understanding and acceptance increasing satisfaction for both.

Counselling at Working Relationships gives you the chance to be heard and grow as a couple. As a Relate registered counsellor I will give you the time to discuss difficult issues and encourage you to look at your problems in a different way, facilitating change and growth.

Appointments can be arranged around your availability day or evenings.


Relationship counselling can be carried out at our Leicestershire or Leamington based consulting rooms.