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Working Relationships' philosophy is based upon these core principles:
That mental well being in the workplace is a major issue to all companies and organizations, one which when addressed brings positive gains and rewards to the employer and employee.
That good working relationships are a precursor for successful companies and organizations who recognize the importance of employee wellbeing in their growth and productivity. 

Working Relationships

Can provide your company or organization with a cost effective solution to support your employees and become an employer of choice.

Unlike most employee assistance providers we take a personal approach to you and your workforce, building long term supportive relationships.

For you the employer there is no contractural agreement, costs are based on each individual consultation.

With the use of cognitive behavioural techniques we can coach your employees to recognise and successfully deal with stress.

Cognitive Coaching

Counselling and coaching do have similar characteristics, both depend on the good theraputic relationship that develops between the client and therapist.

However unlike counselling, coaching will equip your employees with the tools and techniques to enable them to develop their own personal resources to deal successfully with the increasing demands of the commercial environment.

This will enable you as an employer, to maximise the skills and experience of your employees, resulting in a more effective workforce and satisfaction for both employer and employee.

We can see clients in the workplace or at our Leicestershire or Leamington consulting rooms.